Residential Gravel Driveway Converted to Concrete Driveway – East Nashville

Address: 1005 Curdwood Blvd, Nashville, TN 37216

Owner: Tracy J.

Project Type: Residential Construction (Homeowner)

Scope: Convert gravel driveway into concrete driveway.

Landscaping: Grade dirt around perimeter of concrete. Seed & Straw over dirt.

Finish: Broom

Days on Site: Two (2)

Required Materials: Gravel, forms, concrete, seed, & straw.

1005 Curdwood Blvd in East Nashville, TN was TriStar Concrete Construction’s first project in 2020. The project was a conversion of a gravel driveway into a concrete driveway for a homeowner. Below is a day by day walk through of the project.

Day #1:

  • TriStar Concrete confirmed layout with the customer prior to performing any dirt work. After layout was approved, the existing dirt and gravel was removed and graded to proper elevation. Next, formwork was installed according to approved layout and 4 inches of gravel was spread and compacted as the base of the concrete slab. A picture of the project at the end of day #1 can be seen below.

Day #2:

  • First thing in the morning, TriStar Concrete walked the project with the homeowner to confirm formwork, concrete mix design, control joint layout, and any other concerns prior to pouring concrete. After approval, concrete was delivered by Nashville Ready Mix and tailgated onto the gravel base. Temperatures were in the mid 40’s, so calcium chloride was added to the concrete mix design to speed up the finishing process of the concrete. A few hours later of concrete finishing and the slab was complete. Before finishing up forms were taken off, dirt graded, and seed/straw laid for future grass. Final pictures of the project can be seen below.


Client Review

“My husband and I highly recommend TriStar! They did a fantastic job with our driveway. We had a unique space, so they helped us come up with a design that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing. We appreciated their customer service and their clear and timely communication throughout the process/project. They are affordable. They get the job done quickly, and they leave you with a guaranteed, quality product.” – Tracy J.

Service Area
  • Concrete Driveway, General