At TriStar Concrete Construction, all work will be completed in a substantial workmanlike manner according to standard practices. We work very closely with our concrete producer and material suppliers to provide you with the highest quality project. We take great pride in our work and will do everything we can to satisfy you as a customer. However, all of our concrete work is created by humans and even under the closest supervision possible, small imperfections can and will be expected. Despite the skills of our workmanship, the quality of our materials and the strength and durability of concrete, our product is not without its inherent flaws. The information that follows provides some of the common issues that you can expect when working with concrete and provides suggestions on customer care and usage. If we are presented with an issue that exceeds the regular industry standard, we may repair or replace, as determined at the sole discretion of TriStar Concrete Construction. Notice is given that all repairs are promised to return the subject to its as built integrity – not to its as-built appearance. No warranty is expressed/implied regarding the cosmetics of the repair. The subject’s appearance will be considered secondary to its long-term functionality and durability.

Concrete can be damaged by many factors beyond TriStar Concrete Construction’s control. Damage from wear and tear, de-icers, chemicals, equipment, vehicles and other things are out of TriStar Concrete Construction’s control and are not covered by this Limited Workmanship Warranty. TriStar Concrete Construction is not liable for repair conditions caused by misuse or abuse, ground settlement, winter conditions, accidents or acts of God.

This warranty does not apply to, and is waived by the homeowner as to, any construction work that has been subjected to an accident, misuse and/or abuse, nor does it apply to any construction work that has been modified, altered, defaced, and/or had repairs made/attempted by the homeowner or others.

This Limited Workmanship Warranty expires one year from the date of completion of the project.


  • Yes, concrete is going to crack. That is the nature of concrete. The degree of cracked concrete is what defines this warranty. All cracks less than 3/4 of an inch in height or gap are considered normal.

Settling & Shifting

Yes, concrete is going to settle and shift. No matter how well we compact the soil, settlement of concrete slabs is going to occur. Due to our inability to control soils, we do not warrant for shifting & settling.

Flaking & Popping

Yes, concrete is going to flake and pop. Weathering may cause a stone or stone(s) to become exposed, but this does not compromise the integrity of the slab. All flaking and popping that covers less than 20% of the surface of the slab is considered normal in the concrete construction industry.


Yes, every concrete mix design is different. We cannot match the color of any existing concrete mix design exactly. We do not warrant that any of our work will match the existing product.

Customer Care

  • Do not drive on new concrete for at least seven (7) days.
  • Do not use de-icing chemicals or salt on concrete, as this causes a chemical reaction at the surface of the slab.
  • Do not park vehicles or equipment on top of slabs that exceed the weight of a normal vehicle (4,000lbs), unless approved by concrete contractor.
  • Do not allow water to drain beneath the concrete slab, as this can cause settlement cracking.

The Principles of Our One Year Limited Workmanship Warranty

Cracked Concrete:

  • TriStar Concrete’s standard for repair or replacement of cracked concrete is 3/4 of an inch or larger. We may warrant cracks that exceed 3/4 of an inch of larger in height or gap.

Flaked or Popped Concrete:

The industry standard for repair or replacement of flaked or popped concrete is 20% or more of the concrete slab. We may warrant flaking or popping of the slab if 20% or more of the slab is flaking or popping.