New Pea Gravel Driveway

Address: 5605 Highland Way, Nashville, TN 37211 

Homeowner: Steve R. 

Project Type: Pea Gravel Concrete Driveway 

Scope: Demo & haul away existing concrete pea gravel driveway. The existing driveway was old and dilapidated. After removing and hauling away the existing concrete driveway, TriStar Concrete formed the perimeter with 2×4 and ran 4” PVC pipe underneath the driveway. After placing & compacting gravel, TriStar Concrete poured the 4” thick x 2,984sf concrete pea gravel driveway. The following day, TriStar Concrete pressure washed to expose the pea gravel. One week later the concrete was sealed.  

Finish: Brown Pea Gravel 

Days on Site: 5 

Required Materials: Formwork, Pea Gravel Concrete, Plastic, Surface Retarder, Skidsteer, Pressure Washer