Concrete Trench Pourbacks for Plumbing

Address: 3818 Logistics Way, Antioch, TN 

GC: MVP Plumbing 

Project Type: Commercial Concrete Plumbing Trench Pourback 

Scope: Here is a classic trench pourback project. The tenant on this project wanted to add a bathroom in the warehouse. The tenant had a plumber sawcut the concrete, remove it, & haul it away. The plumber then ran the plumbing lines under the gravel to the location specified. Once the plumber was done and had backfilled gravel, TriStar Concrete prepared the slab for the pour. TriStar drilled & epoxied dowels at two feet on center all along the trench. We then put down 10mil vapor barrier and placed welded wire fabric on top of the vapor barrier. Once the pourback was inspected and approved Tristar Concrete poured eleven yards of concrete with a hard trowel finish to complete the project. 

Finish: Hard Trowel (Smooth) 

Days on Site: 2 

Required Materials: 10mil Vapor Barrier, Dowels, Epoxy, Wire Mesh, 4,000psi Concrete, Line Pump, & Trowel Machine.