Concrete Parking Pad & Basketball Court – Columbia, TN

Address: 5637 Creek View Rd, Columbia, TN 38401

Homeowner: John H.

Project Type: Remodel

Scope: Concrete Slab – Parking Pad & Basketball Court

Landscaping: Grade dirt around perimeter of concrete slab. Owner to seed and straw dirt at later date.

Finish: Broom

Control Joints: 10′ on center

Days on Site: Three (3)

Required Materials: Gravel, forms, & concrete

5637 Creek View Road was a 2,400 square foot concrete slab that doubled as a parking pad for the owner’s boat and a basketball court for his son. The concrete slab was prepared and poured 4 inches deep with the perimeter of the slab running 8 inches deep to aid in supporting the weight of the vehicle, trailer, and boat. The 2,400 square foot slab was a four day project.

Day #1: Dirt Work

-On the first day of the project, we began by laying out of the area of the concrete slab with the owner. The grade of the existing area was slightly sloped which created a significant amount of dirt work. TrIStar Concrete spent the entrire first day of the project excavating and moving dirt with their mini excavator and skidsteer. We finished up the day by grading the dirt out at the proper elevation. Next, we were ready to form up the slab.

Day #2: Formwork & Gravel Compaction

-TriStar Concrete started the second day by forming up the perimeter of the concrete slab with 2×8 forms for the turndown edge. This turndown edge created extra strength for the concrete to hold the truck, trailer, and boat that would be stored on top of it. After the owner approved the formwork, we installed 4 inches of gravel to aid in settlement and drainage of the concrete. Gravel was provided by Rogers Group, Inc. A picture of the formed up slab can be seen in the top right prior to pouring concrete.

Day #3: Concrete Pour & Finish

-On the third day of the project, we completed TriStar Concrete’s prepour checklist with the owner and ensured all bases had been covered. This included reviewing and confirming concrete mix design, finish, elevations, layout, and control joint layout. Concrete was supplied by Smyrna Ready Mix and was a total of 35 cubic yards of concrete. The concrete mix design was a 4,000psi air entrained mix with fibers. TriStar Concrete spent the remainder of the day pouring and finishing the 35 cubic yards of concrete. We ended the day by placing a broom finish on top of the concrete.

Day #4: Control Joints and Dirt Grading

-The final day of the project was more of a half day. We removed forms from the perimeter of the slab and graded the dirt around the perimeter of the slab (see photos below). The owner chose to do their own landscaping.

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