Commercial Retail Concrete Project – Brentwood, TN

Address: 225 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027

General Contractor: Management Resource Systems, Inc.

Project Type: Commercial Construction (Remodel)

Scope: Concrete Water Drainage Pourbacks

Days on Site: Three (3)

Required Materials: Concrete, Wire Mesh (WWF), Dowels, Epoxy, Vapor Barrier (10mil), Jackhammer, Wheel Barrel, & Skidsteer.

225 Franklin Road in Brentwood, TN was a retail commercial construction indoor remodel for Pet People of Nashville, TN. Dog wash stations were needed in the building and TriStar Concrete Construction was contracted to remove concrete, prepare base, and repour concrete around new drainage systems inside the building.

Day #1: Concrete Sawcutting & Removal

TriStar Concrete began the project by snapping lines and sawcutting the dog wash area where concrete needed to be removed. After sawcutting was complete, jackhammers were used to break out concrete. Removed concrete was then hauled to the back dumpster.

Day #2: Slab Preparation

The following day, TriStar Concrete started by checking elevations and compacting the gravel base of the slab. Rebar dowels were drilled every 24 inches around the perimeter of the slab and inserted with epoxy. 10mil vapor barrier was laid on top of the gravel base to keep water from seeping through the concrete in the future and wire mesh was placed on dobies in the center of the slab.

Day #3: Concrete Pour

On the final day of the project, concrete was poured and finished. Smyrna Ready Mix supplied concrete and TriStar Concrete’s team wheel barreled concrete back and forth from the truck. The finish was a hand trowel pourback with slopes flowing inward toward dog wash drains. Pictures of the project can be seen below.

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