The Importance of Pre-Pour Meetings (Residential)

Any project you work on whether it is school, work, or a home improvement project with your concrete contractor, communication is the key to success. A lack of communication on a school project might get you and your classmates a pour grade, but a lack of communication on the construction site is going to cause issues for both the concrete contractor and the homeowner. Prior to pouring any concrete, their needs to be a meeting between the concrete contractor and the homeowner to review the project. During the meeting, the homeowner will approve each of the following items.

1.) Formwork Layout

  • It is essential to approve formwork layout prior to pouring concrete. If you want your concrete patio five feet to the left after we have poured concrete, there is not much we can do to fix it.

2.) Desired Finish

  • Concrete finish should be discussed at the beginning of the project when it is first bid, but discussing the concrete finish again is never a bad idea.

3.) Appropriate Drainage

  • Confirming proper drainage prior to pouring concrete is absolutely necessary. Drainage can be checked by placing a level on the forms prior to the concrete pour.

4.) Proper Concrete Mix Design

  • The last step in the pre-pour meeting is confirming the proper concrete mix design for the project. Concrete mix design application depends on desired finish and concrete construction purpose.