Concrete Decking Project for Fiberglass Pool in Franklin, TN

  • Project: Ridley Drive, Franklin, TN 37064
  • Owner: Cory W.
  • Scope: Pool Decking – Sandblast Finish w/ Diamond Control Joints

Ridley Drive in Franklin, TN was a residential concrete decking project for a fiberglass pool. The specified finish was a 4,000psi Air Entrained Concrete Sandblast Finish. This project on Ridley Drive was a three-day concrete construction project. We started the project by excavating out portions existing subgrade around the perimeter of the pool. Elevations were checked throughout the process to ensure proper drainage away from the pool. Below is a picture of the pool subgrade prior to TriStar Concrete Construction performing any work.

Once TriStar Concrete had the compact subgrade pool decking formed up according to the plans, a four-inch crusher run (gravel) base was placed and compacted on top of the subgrade. This crusher run (gravel) base beneath the concrete aids in the concrete in settlement and drainage. Below is a picture of the pool decking formed up with a crusher run (gravel) base.

Upon approval of formwork and drainage slopes, concrete was poured the following day. In order to achieve the desired sandblast finish, Clemons Concrete Coatings SuperCast 005 Surface Retarder was applied to the surface of the concrete. The following day, TriStar Concrete pressure washed off the surface retarder and cut diamond control joints at three feet on center across the surface of the concrete decking to avoid concrete cracking. Below are a few pictures of the final product that was achieved.

Client Review

“TriStar poured our pool decking. Blake is very professional and a great communicator. Highly recommend for any concrete projects.”

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