Why Does Concrete Crack?

The saying goes, “It’s not if your concrete is going to crack, it’s when your concrete is going to crack”. The Truth There is not much you can do to get around it, all concrete is more than likely going to crack over time. If your concrete contractor tells you otherwise, they are either ignorant

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Wire Mesh in Concrete Slabs

What is Wire Mesh? (Also Called: Welded Wire Fabric (WWF) & Welded Wire Mesh) Wire mesh is a steel fabric building material that can be used in concrete slabs. More specifically, this grid of steel consists of many orthogonal wires that are joined together at intersections. For applications such as residential driveways and patios that

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What Goes Beneath Concrete?

What is the Base of a Concrete Slab? – The base in concrete construction is the layer between the sub-grade (existing soil) and the concrete slab. The base (usually a crushed stone material) acts as a support between the dirt and slab, and ultimately, reduces cracking of the slab. Why is a Concrete Slab Base

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