Fiber Mesh in Concrete Construction

What is Fiber Mesh? (Also Called: Synthetic Fibers)

There are several materials that are commonly used as fibers in concrete mix designs. A list of fiber materials include acrylic, cotton, glass, graphite, aramid, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, & steel. Contact your local concrete supplier to find out what fiber material they use in their concrete.

Why Use Fiber Mesh in Your Concrete?

Fiber mesh benefits concrete in the both early age and long-term concrete stages. (plastic & hardened stages)

Early Age Concrete Benefits:

  • Reduces shrinkage cracking.

Shrinkage cracking occurs in the early stage of concrete curing when the strength of the concrete is still low and occurs during the hydration process. Adding synthetic fibers to the concrete mix increases the strength and strain capacity during early stages of the concrete to reduce the risk of cracking.

Long Term Concrete Benefits:

  • Increases the strength of concrete.
  • Lowers permeability of concrete.

Concrete is subject to weakening through freeze thaw cycles, corrosion, and sulfate attack. This means concrete’s long-term strength is vulnerable to water’s ability to penetrate the slab. The addition of synthetic fibers to the concrete mix decreases the risk of shrinkage cracking, thus reducing the permeability of the concrete over its lifespan.