Thompson Station Concrete Patio

Randall Lane in Thompson Station, TN was a residential concrete patio extension project. The specified finish was a 4,000psi Air Entrained Concrete Broom Finish. Randall Lane was a one-day concrete construction project. We started the project by grading out portions existing subgrade around the perimeter of the existing patio and home. Elevations were checked throughout the process to ensure proper drainage away from the home. Below is a picture of the patio subgrade after TriStar Concrete Construction removed the existing eight inches of topsoil.

Once TriStar Concrete had a compact patio subgrade, the patio’s formwork was installed and a four-inch crusher run (gravel) base was laid for settlement and drainage. Before pouring concrete, expansion joint was placed along the perimeter of the house to create an isolation joint. Isolation joints aid in preventing concrete cracking as it expands and contracts. A construction joint (drilled and epoxied dowels) was placed at eighteen inches on center between the existing patio and the new patio to aid in cracking and settlement prevention.

Before pouring concrete, TriStar Concrete performed their pre-pour check list with the owner to ensure proper formwork, mix design, and drainage slopes. Upon approval, concrete was poured four inches thick across the surface of the crusher run (gravel) base. Control joints were installed at ten feet on center to aid in placement of concrete cracking.

Client Review

“TriStar did a great job laying a concrete slab to extend our patio. They represented themselves professionally. Did the job in a timely manner and followed up for happiness on their work.” – Johnnie A.

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