Steel Bollard Installation

Address: 510 Airpark Center Drive, Nashville, TN 37217 

Owner: Airpark Company LLC 

Project Type: Install (2) Bollards 

Scope: An exposed water meter needed to be protected from vehicles running into it. TriStar Concrete proposed installing (2) Steel Bollards (6” Diameter) in the asphalt to protect the water meter. TriStar Concrete saw cut and removed asphalt, and then set and plumbed (2) Steel Bollards into the soils. Once the bollards were set, TriStar poured 4,000 psi concrete into the bollards to set them in place. 

Days on Site: 1 

Required Materials: 4,000psi Concrete, 14” Chop Saw, (2) Steel Bollards, Bracing, & Auger Equipment.