Residential Driveway Repair in Donelson area Nashville, TN

Wanda Drive was a residential driveway repair and extension project in the Donelson area of Nashville, TN. The homeowner, Martha Coleman, needed her driveway repaired and extended after another unlicensed and uninsured concrete contractor had built her driveway with improper slope, pour drainage, and proportional dimensions to the point that their driveway was unable to be used.

520 Wanda Drive was a three-day concrete construction project. We started the project by removing portions of the existing concrete, preparing the subgrade, and extending off one foot from the existing concrete driveway. After the subgrade and base were prepped, we finished forming up the edges of the driveway extension and drilled epoxied dowels every eighteen inches along the existing driveway to create a construction joint between the two portions of the concrete driveways. We were able to use wheel barrels and TriStar Concrete Construction’s skidsteer to pour the concrete. Prior to pouring concrete we walked the jobsite with Martha to ensure she was content with all formwork for the project. We completed TriStar Concrete Construction’s pre-pour checklist which ensures proper formwork, pour sequence, concrete mix design, and control joint layout before pouring any concrete.

Client Review

“After our original contractor bailed on us before completing our new driveway, we were angry and left in limbo with a partial driveway that was barely functional. It clearly had to be fixed but choosing a new contractor was a scary proposition. After lots of research, we identified and contacted four concrete contractors in Nashville who seemed to be reputable and well-established. TriStar Concrete was one of two contractors from whom we requested a quote and it was the company we decided to go with. Blake Cobb, Project Manager, was able to schedule us about two weeks out and, throughout our project, he and his team demonstrated professionalism, a great work ethic, sensitivity to our needs, and a desire to complete our job on time and within the specifications we had agreed on. Blake was on site daily to ensure things went as expected. We love our driveway now and we appreciate the expertise that Blake brought to the job. We highly recommend TriStar Concrete Construction.” -Homeowner Martha Coleman

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