Residential Driveway Extension Project in Germantown area Nashville, TN

Hume Street was a residential driveway extension project in the Germantown area of Nashville, TN. The homeowner, Tammy Warren, wanted to extend her driveway eight feet wide by thirty feet long. The total square footage for the driveway came out to approximately 240 square feet. 608B Hume Street was a one-day concrete construction project. We started the project by preparing the subgrade and laying a four-inch crusher run base for the concrete slab to ensure proper settlement and drainage. After the subgrade and base were prepped, we finished forming up the edges of the driveway extension. Epoxied dowels were drilled every eighteen inches along the existing slab to create a construction joint between the two slabs. We were able to tailgate the concrete for the driveway extension via the concrete truck.

Prior to pouring concrete we walked the jobsite with Tammy to ensure she was content with all formwork for the project. We completed TriStar Concrete Construction’s pre-pour checklist which ensures proper formwork, pour sequence, concrete mix design, and control joint layout before pouring any concrete.

Client Review

“We are very happy with our extended driveway! Blake offered a fair price, great communication, and was able to complete our project in a timely manner which worked around our schedules. He and his crew were very professional and did meticulous work. Blake kept us informed in every phase of the project. We highly recommend TriStar!” – Homeowner Tammy Warren

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