Residential Concrete Patio Extension – Franklin, TN

Address: 1402 Copperfield Place, Franklin, TN 37067

Homeowner: Jamie S.

Project Type: Remodel

Scope: Pea Gravel Concrete Patio Extension

Landscaping: Grade dirt. Owner chose to seed & sod perimeter at later date.

Finish: Exposed Aggregate

Days on Site: Two (2)

Required Materials: Gravel, forms, & concrete

Concrete patio extensions are fairly easy projects but the problem that arises is matching the existing concrete with the new concrete (as you can see in the photo). We made the homeowner very aware that the new concrete would not match the existing concrete on their patio. The homeowners were fine with this and chose to stain the whole patio on their own at a later date.

Day #1: Slab Preparation & Pour

1402 Copperfield Place was a quicker than typical exposed aggregate projects. We had the opportunity to form & pour on the same day due to the small size of the project. We began the project first thing in the morning by grading the perimeter of the existing concrete patio. Once dirt was compacted to the proper elevation we were ready to start forming. The concrete patio was extended 234 square feet as shown in the project photos. After layout was approved, we spread and compacted 4 inches of gravel as the base of the slab to help with settlement and drainage. Before pouring concrete we drilled and epoxied rebar dowels at 18″ on center along the edge of the existing concrete slab and the new concrete slab. This construction joint protects the two slabs from moving and creating a tripping hazard in the future. Finally, we were ready to pour and used the bobcat to carry 4 cubic yards of concrete from the Nashville Ready Mix truck to the patio. After concrete had been received finishing (screed, bull float, fresno) we sprayed surface retarder across the surface and placed 6mil plastic across the top. The surface retarder brings the aggregate to the surface to give the concrete it’s “exposed aggregate” look.

Day #2: Pressure Washing & Clean Up

On the final day of the project, we removed the plastic from the top of the concrete and pressure washed the surface of the concrete. This is when the “exposed aggregate” finish really starts to show. Once the concrete was pressure washed we removed forms from the concrete and compacted the dirt around the edge of the concrete patio. Final pictures of the patio extension can be seen below.

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