Nashville Concrete Driveway – Gravel Conversion

The Lutie Street project was an exterior remodeling project that consisted of converting the existing gravel driveway into a concrete driveway. The concrete driveway design had the same dimensions of the existing gravel driveway (12’ x 38’). On Day #1 of the project, TriStar Concrete removed the wooden barriers around the perimeter of the gravel drive and started grading out the subgrade. Once the existing gravel and topsoil were removed, TriStar Concrete compacted the subgrade and laid a four-inch crusher run base for settlement and drainage. The day was completed by forming up the edges of the slab.

On Day #2 of the project, TriStar Concrete started off by performing the pre-pour checklist with the homeowner. Together we reviewed mix design, formwork, and drainage met all ACI Standards. Next, we poured four inches of 4,000psi air entrained concrete between the forms. We finished the project with a broom finish and control joints at ten feet on center. Below is a picture of the finished product.

Client Review

“Our driveway project got pushed back a couple of times due to weather, but Blake was always on top of keeping us updated and informed about the situation and when our project could start. He and his crew did a fantastic and efficient job. Highly recommend TriStar!” – Tyler H.

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