Concrete Patio & Seat Wall – Nashville, TN (Bellevue)

Address: 132 Cross Timbers Drive, Nashville, TN 37221

General Contractor: The House Buyin Guys

Project Type: Remodel

Scope: Concrete Patio with Radius Seat Wall

Landscaping: None

Finish: Broom

Days on Site: Three (3)

Required Materials: Forms, Gravel, Pump, & Concrete.

1321 Cross Timbers in West Nashville was a tricky project due to the lack of access to the patio in the backyard. Not only was the house sitting on a huge hill, but the backyard was fenced in. Although, with a little planning, we were able to remove the fence and create plenty of access to complete the project on time and within budget. HBG Construction wanted a 600 square foot rounded patio with a seat wall along the back middle of the slab. This would surround a fireplace blockout.

Day #1: Dirt Work & Form Preparation

When we started the project there was minimal dirt work involved due to the fact that the new patio was being poured on top of an existing patio, but we did have to grade along the edges due to the extension. Special forms were installed for the curved patio and the curved radius seat wall in the middle. #4 rebar was bent and doweled into the radius wall 12 inches on center each way for more tensile strength in the wall. Lastly, 4 inches of gravel was graded and compacted inside the formwork.

Day #2: Concrete Pour

13 cubic yards of 4,000psi air entrained concrete arrived early that morning supplied by Nashville Ready Mix. Because the concrete patio was behind the house and the house was on a huge hill the concrete had to the pump by Streamline Concrete Pumping. Concrete was poured out over the coarse of the day.

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