Concrete Driveway with Turndown Edge – East Nashville, TN

Address: 2145 Burns St, Nashville, TN 37216

General Contractor: Srini Vias

Project Type: New Construction

Scope: Concrete Driveway with Turndown Edge

Landscaping: None

Finish: Broom

Days on Site: Three (3)

Required Materials: Forms, Gravel, & Concrete.

2145 Burns St in East Nashville was a new construction concrete driveway project with two homes built on the same lot. The lot had a unique slope from the street dropping five or more feet to the foundation of the homes. Because the slope of the lot was directed toward the houses, TriStar Concrete had to design a driveway that would keep water flowing in another direction. The final design was a turndown edge driveway with the front half sloping toward the street and the back half sloping to the right, where water could drain off the driveway and down the hill away from the homes.

Day #1: Grading & Forming

TriStar Concrete started the project by grading out the subgrade of the driveway. Next, formwork was installed along the perimeter of the driveway. The back half of the 40 foot long driveway was a 2.5 foot turndown edge that was 8 inches. TriStar ran three pieces of rebar along the 40 foot section and had rebar dowels coming out of the turndown into the 4 inch thick concrete slab. Davidson County driveway codes were followed and approved by the city inspector. Lastly, 6 inches of #57 gravel was installed (supplied by Rogers Group, Inc.) as the base of the slab. After compacting gravel and checking elevations of the concrete, TriStar was ready to pour on the following day.

Day #2: Pouring Concrete

25 yards of concrete (supplied by Smyrna Ready Mix) arrived to the at 8am. The pour process was slow because we had to tailgate the concrete into the turndown edge and let the concrete harden to keep the forms from busting out. Concrete was poured over the coarse of two hours and finishing processes were started. The final product was a 1,200sf concrete driveway with a broom finish and control joints tooled at 10 feet on center. Pictures of the project can be seen below.

Day #3: Stripping Forms & Cleaning

On the final day of the project, we started by carefully removing the forms from the concrete. Removing forms too quickly can cause the concrete to crack. Especially if it’s not completely cured. Once the forms were removed and cleaned, we finished picking up our tools and materials and the job was complete.

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