Concrete Driveway – 12 South (South Nashville, TN)

Address: 929 Montrose Ave, Nashville, TN 37204

General Contractor: Britt Development Group

Project Type: New Construction

Scope: Concrete Driveway

Landscaping: None

Finish: Broom

Days on Site: Two (2)

Required Materials: Forms, Gravel, & Concrete.

929 Montrose Ave in the 12 South area of Nashville, TN was a 890 square foot concrete driveway project. This driveway was a back alley entry for a new construction project built by Britt Development Group.

Day #1: Grade & Form Slab

The entire first day of the project consisted of preparing the slab for the pour on the following day. TriStar started by cutting the dirt to the proper elevation. Next, formwork was installed with a two percent slope to the street. This slope keeps water from pooling in the yard and on the concrete slab. Lastly, four inches of gravel was compacted inside the forms. String lines were pulled to check appropriate thickness of the concrete slab. Four inches is standard for residential concrete construction.

Day #2: Concrete Pour

On the second day of the project, concrete was poured. Fifteen cubic yards of 4,000psi air entrained concrete was ordered from Nashville Ready Mix and delivered to the job. One percent calcium was applied to the concrete due to cold temperatures (mid 40’s). Calcium helps speed up the setting time of concrete during winter months. The concrete finishing process was applied and ended with the broom finish (screed, bull float, & fresno). Control joints were cut at ten feet on center after the concrete had hardened. A few pictures of the project can be seen below.

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