Concrete Curb – Hendersonville, TN

Address: 173 Ervin St, Hendersonville, TN 37075

Homeowner: Tiffany V

Project Type: Remodel

Scope: Concrete curb around perimeter of patio.

Landscaping: Grade dirt. Put down seed & straw.

Finish: Broom

Days on Site: Two (2)

Required Materials: Forms, Concrete, & Grout.

173 Ervin St was a concrete curb addition around the perimeter of a concrete patio to aid in water drainage away from the patio. The original builder did not properly slope the dirt. TriStar Concrete fixed the water drainage issue but installing a 12 inch curb around the perimeter of the patio and regrading the dirt along the hill to allow water to drain down the side of the yard, rather than directly into the patio.

Day #1:

-On the first day of the project, TriStar Concrete formed up the concrete curb on the edge of the patio. Next, the team drilled & epoxied rebar dowels every 18 inches. These dowels create a construction joint between the concrete slab and the curb, which holds them together. Nashville Ready Mix provided the 3,500psi air entrained concrete for the concrete curb. While concrete was setting, TrIStar brought in the skidsteer to regrade the yard around the concrete patio. This new grading allowed for the water to drain down the yard, away from the concrete patio.

Day #2:

-On the final day of the project, the team began by stripping forms off the concrete curb. Some patching was required, thus a grout was mixed and used to patch back the face of the concrete curb to give it a smooth broom finish. Before finishing up for the day, we laid seed and straw over the newly graded dirt.

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